Karmina Šilec, conductor and director - author

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Karmina Šilec, conductor and director - author

Karmina Šilec is a conductor and director - author, artistic director of Carmina Slovenica and new music theatre Choregie


choregie project

LINK TO MORE ABOUT BABA (SLO)   VIDEO PRESENTATION (SLO) BABA is inspired by sworn virgins (women who live as men after taking vows of chastity and celibacy), who have lived for centuries in remote rural regions of Balkan. The sworn virgin is an endemic...

BABA Colossal Balkan Fiction


CBF is a canvas on which the contents of the consciousness of our society, its fears, beliefs, doubts, states, questions, problems, pleasures, the history and the present, behaviors and nonsense, desires are projected.

CBF is also reminiscent of a deadacholicsocial narrow-mindedness that condemns every step and every action; it sang the last praises to the heroines with a vocabulary adorned with wonderful notions such as tradition, family, heroism..., and hid behind them primitivism, mythomania, misogyny, as well as perversion and lies.

It reminds us of who created and buried the heroines – sworn virgins, virdžinas – Liljana, Suni, Lindita.






Kurt Schwitters

KURT SCHWITTERS: URSONATE ONLINE CONCERT 3.1.2021 The word in the sphere of pure sonority In The Ursonate the word passes over into the sphere of pure sonority. The word reveals its inner alchemy and has its place, space, weight and colour. With the non-semantic sound poetry,...


THRENOS (for the Throat) 

RETREAT   Operadagen Rotterdam (NL) is an acclaimed international opera and new music festival with contemporary, innovative, and ground-breaking productions.  Streaming of Threnos '(for the...