Karmina Šilec, conductor and director - author

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Karmina Šilec, conductor and director - author

Karmina Šilec is a conductor and director - author, artistic director of Carmina Slovenica and new music theatre Choregie


New DVD released

Sheep, what are we waiting for? There's a wolf in the flock! Fortuna Won’t Be Fauvel’s Match! is based on a gothic allegorical verse romance in which the central metaphor for moral decay and decadence is an ambitious horse/ass. The main character – Fauvel – is an incarnation of sin,...


new dvd released

BUY TRAILER cross-disciplinary opera  Performers: Boštjan Gombač, multiinstrumentalist​, voice Izidor Leitinger, elektronika​ / electronics, voice Fantje na vasi​,  vocal group Karmina Šilec,  artistic director   waver: Marta...


choregie project

Karmina Šilec: OP.1: OVIS Sheep have been central to the human story. OP.1: OVIS is a canvas on which the contents of histories of the world according to the sheep are projected: from the ancient Mesopotamia to the Medici family and begining of the opera, from the trade of wool that has...


in North Carolina

OLD MAN AND THE SEA trailer OLD MAN AN THE SEA Carolina Performing Arts Centre, North Carolina premiere, 10.2.2024, Chappel Hill   The Old man and the Sea trailer   ...


cross-disciplinary opera

Op. 1: homo faber is a hybrid work, a musical-visual project that breaks down the boundaries between disciplines and aims to create a space for opening up thoughts, perceptions, experiences. The performance combines different forms of expression: the performance of various jobs and tasks, singing, words, images; their changing fusion creates different levels of meaning.

Old man and the sea

opera premiere

The Old Man and the Sea seeks to understand the meaning of life, death of the people and things. Starting point is in an intimate - an ancient - an eternal companion: the personal fear of / against ageing. Santiago is a priest of time, a timeless monument of power of the will which defeats an age.  The project is a meditation on his willpower replacing the power of the flesh; and on wisdom, pride and humility replacing the arrogance of youth as the victory of the spiritual will. 


new album released

Carmina Slovenica live in Balkan etno improvisations ZAJDI ZAJDI The essence of the Balkan people assembled in music pieces by a wonderful fusion of rhythms, archaisms, liturgy, humoresques, elegies, love tunes, virtuose improvisations and a sonorous colour of vocals Balkan music is...

Asian Choral Association

Spotlight June 2023

link to article In June 2023 edition The art of treble voices  by John Pamintuan SPOTLIGHT: Grace Chiang (Hong Kong), Nadezhda Averina (Russia), Aira Birziņa (Latvia), Karmina Šilec (Slovenia) ...


new album released

LINK TO MUSIC APPLE MUSIC Mary, the Queen, is a popular motif in music and painting. The basis for this is found in the Marian typology of the Old and New Testaments, where Mary is identified as the Queen Mother who has great influence over her son (e.g. Bathsheba-Solomon), or as the...